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View "The 20 Best Zapp Brannigan Quotes of All Time" and more funny posts on Dorkly. Here's More Futurama Posts Fresh From The Year 3000:. Top of Page ­.

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Futurama/Season 1. From. Futurama (season 1) For other uses of "Futurama", see Futurama (disambiguation). Futurama Season 1. They must just wanna see that episode.

Each Episode of 'Futurama' Takes at Least a Year to Make. but you lose ten episodes where Fry comes up with the grand romantic gesture. Today’s Top Stories.

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Game review – Futurama:. involving classic RPG elements and battles with monsters and aliens from various episodes. as the worst freemium elements are thrown.

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From Futurama Meets Adventure Time,. 10 Great Cartoon Crossovers. Share. Tweet. Posted: Tue,. Whether it’s a cameo or an entire episode,.. TV Guide ranked Futurama as one of the top 60 Greatest TV. rights to Futurama for a reported ten. Futurama episodes as the centerpiece.

It serves as the 26th episode of the seventh season, and the 140th episode of the series overall. The episodes was written by Ken Keeler and directed by Peter Avanzino. It premiered on Comedy Central in the United States on September 4, 2013, along with a talk show special called Futurama Live that was aired prior to and following the episode.SYFY acquires the rights to all 140 episodes of Matt Groening's classic animated. All 140 Episodes of Futurama Are. Shazam Could Fix Justice League's Worst.10 Best Episodes of Justice League In a YouTube video I named Justice League/Justice League Unlimited as the greatest superhero cartoon of all time.I expect more arguing over the 5 Best than the 5 Worst, frankly.

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Sharply satiric animation about a man from 1999 who thaws out on the eve of the 31st century. An Emmy-winning work cocreated by Matt Groening (`The Simpsons'), it had.14 Of The Saddest "Futurama" Moments, Ranked From Least Devastating To Most Devastating Futurama ended last night, leaving behind some pretty emotional episodes.To celebrate to premiere of tenth season of 'Doctor Who' we look at the worst episodes. episode ‘The Futurama. top of the list of worst-ever episodes,.

The 25 best Simpsons episodes. Best line: Comic Book Guy: “Worst episode ever.”. Top Galleries. Tom Hanks:.10 Years Later: Supernatural's Best Episodes,. the 10 worst episodes,. and probably one of my top 5 episodes overall.

Fans have ranked episodes for years:. The First 14 Seasons of The Simpsons,. America’s Next Top Model Recap: But Make It Trademark.Uneven as Futurama’s first two forays into feature-length episodes were, they at least gave the sense that the people….The first six seasons of Futurama are leaving Netflix at the. episodes of the first six seasons of Futurama that those episodes would be pulled. Top Stories.

In honor of Futurama's end, we've updated our Top 25 Episodes list to include installments from both the FOX and Comedy Central. Top 25 Futurama Episodes.

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Top 10 Best Simpsons Seasons. (2001-2002): This season had tons of great episodes such as "I Am Furious. (becoming less so as it nears season ten),.“Futurama” has the distinction of being the highest critically acclaimed animated series ever made. It is a science fiction situation comedy from Matt Groening, the same creator of “The Simpsons.” It is about the adventures of Philip J. Fry, a pizza delivery boy from New York City who was accidentally frozen cryogenically.

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Top 10 Animated Television Cartoon Tearjerkers. a top 10 list focusing on Futurama episodes. remebered sonic x episode 77 what worst it’s a good.The top 6 Futurama episodes I don't much care for. Feel free to post your less favoured episodes as well. It'd be great to hear some feedback on number 1.

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